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Our company "Tehmash - Service" is successfully engaged in the production of metal hose.

The best quality and best price!

If you need to buy a metal hose metal hose, we are ready to offer any cable diameter at the best price!



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Metal hose is a flexible pipe and is designed to protect electrical wires and cables from mechanical damage from the negative effects of the environment, as well as a protective screen against electromagnetic and radio frequency interference. The essential characteristic of the thickness of the metal pipe is steel strip, which has been used for its production and the nominal diameter. The price of the metal hose can be very different when using refined steel band and the low quality of the zinc coating. Sale of hoses made bays or dimensional segments, segments of length is measured in a stretched state. Metallorukav necessarily lubricated with mineral oil to prevent damage during transportation and storage. An alternative to metal hose corrugated PVC pipe can act in some cases, but in many cases it can not completely replace more info



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